A Step-by-Step Guide To The Bonaire Visitor Entry Tax Payment Process

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Navigating the e-Ticket System in the Dominican Republic: A User's Perspective

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The expansion of tourism activities

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Tourism-Friendly Destination: Belgian Flanders

In these times of health crisis, very few regions are suitable for various forms of tourism. However, Belgian Flanders has a lot of tourists potential that should not be overlooked. These assets are of various kinds and visible on various levels. The geographical location of the region and the balan... See more

Seaside Tourism : all about it

One of the most popular forms of tourism in the world is beach tourism. The sea, the beach and the sun attract millions of tourists every year. Visiting the beaches is widespread, there is a rush of people who are far from the sea to the coasts especially in hot periods to breathe the fresh air of t... See more

Gastronomic tourism: Savalou would be a laboratory of pounded yam?

Tourists go to places mostly to visit. However, they can also travel to discover the culinary art of the regions. This is the case in Savalou where each yam festival brings together a panoply of tourists from all over the world.  The yam festival Every 15 August, thousands of tourists come to the hi... See more

The Pantheon of Pan-African Resistance of Savalou, a tourist site left behind?

Among the many tourist sites in Benin is the Pantheon of Pan-African Resistance in Savalou. It was erected on 13 August 2014 by King Tossoh Gbaguidi 13 with the aim of restoring the history of the partition of the city of Sohavis in the slave trade. This historical monument played an important role... See more