The Pantheon of Pan-African Resistance of Savalou, a tourist site left behind?

Among the many tourist sites in Benin is the Pantheon of Pan-African Resistance in Savalou. It was erected on 13 August 2014 by King Tossoh Gbaguidi 13 with the aim of restoring the history of the partition of the city of Sohavis in the slave trade. This historical monument played an important role in the slave trade that most internet users are unaware of. This no doubt justifies its current state.

The Abandoned Site

Despite its historical, cultural and tourist importance, the site does not enjoy many visitors. For one thing, the locals are unaware of the value of such a place, both economically and socially. Under other skies, Kannoumonnon sodji would be teeming with people. Tourists would come from all over the world to visit it. Every Savalois must magnify this place left by the late king who, with his long-term vision, was aware that this park, which was once used as a slave market, can bring a plus to the local economy. It would really be more reasonable to organise educational outings in schools on the site in order to give back to Kannoumonnon Sodji its noble values.

In an Unhealthy State

Like most of the country's tourist sites, the Pantheon of Pan-African Resistance in Savalou vegetates in total bis-salubrity. On the premises, weeds and shrubs now dictate their law. The statutes of the slaves, the buildings cohabit with wild animals. All these things do not honour the historic city of Savalou in particular and Benin in general. It is therefore important that leaders at various levels try to look into the case of Kannoumonnon sodji. First of all, the sons and daughters of Savalou should from time to time organise cleanliness campaigns to clean up the area. The mayor's office should also think about leasing the place without forgetting to think about a project to develop the place.

 The government, in its plan to restore tourist sites, should not overlook this square, which could really make a significant contribution to the country's economy.