Gastronomic tourism: Savalou would be a laboratory of pounded yam?

Tourists go to places mostly to visit. However, they can also travel to discover the culinary art of the regions. This is the case in Savalou where each yam festival brings together a panoply of tourists from all over the world.

 The yam festival

Every 15 August, thousands of tourists come to the historic city of Savalou to eat pounded yam. This festival has its origins in the celebration of the yam festival. It is on the occasion of this festival, which takes place every mid-August, that the king officially authorises the population to consume the new yam harvest after a great ceremony. For the locals, this is a time to taste the new yam, but for tourists it is an opportunity to discover a new dish. An African meat that is obtained after pounding the yam with a pestle and mortar. A local speciality that is usually accompanied by sesame or peanut sauce or tomato and/or gooey sauce. It can also be eaten with vegetable, meat or fish sauce, each one has its preference. Afterwards we refresh ourselves with beer, palm wine or simply water.

A unique experience

Apart from the gastronomy of the region that one is entitled to during the trip to the city of shaves, it should be mentioned that tourists can discover the beautiful landscapes of the hills, organise crusades on the hills and especially discover the traditional rhythms of the area. The songs and dances that accompany the rituals around the new yam are to the travellers' delight. Beyond the joyful aspect of the event, it has a great impact on the local economy. Hotels and restaurants are full to bursting during the event.

Visiting the SAVALOU region is an experience not to be missed when doing gastronomic tourism. The atmosphere on this occasion is not envious of the big cities in the country.