Tourism-Friendly Destination: Belgian Flanders

In these times of health crisis, very few regions are suitable for various forms of tourism. However, Belgian Flanders has a lot of tourists potential that should not be overlooked. These assets are of various kinds and visible on various levels.

The geographical location of the region and the balance between foreigners and locals

Flanders is located in the middle of the European Union. This makes France and the Netherlands its neighbours and at the same time a regional tourist destination for French tourists. The fact that the Flemish are not really affected by the health crisis and that the country's tourism sector has not declined is primarily due to the development policy for the tourism sector that has been implemented in the country. Flanders offers tourists all the comforts they need for their stay without disadvantaging the locals. Flanders's residents are especially privileged. As a result, the latter, proud of their homeland, welcome tourists to their localities with open arms.

Accommodation and business opportunities in Flanders

There is no shortage of hotels and restaurants in Flanders despite the announcement of the health crisis. In most cases, only 1/3 of the hotels are closed. The rest are available to accommodate a large number of tourists. On the other hand, Flanders offers its travellers a variety of games, entertainment and leisure activities, such as bike rides, art exhibitions, visits to the region's parks and the discovery of local gardens. Above all, it should be noted that tourists are often tempted to stay in Flanders because of all its assets and the business opportunities it offers. The various hotels promote understanding between residents, challenge them to board games and at the same time establish a relationship of trust between the residents of its establishments.

For tourists, Flanders is a dream destination in this period of health crisis because of its tourist attractions. Tourists do not have to worry about restrictions. The country is flexible to the arrival of tourists and provides good safety for them.